• Conceptual design of decision support system
  • Another example of visualization of alternatives
  • Demonstration of changing preference model and impact to recommended solution
  • Filtering Alternatives

Information Visualization to Support Decision Making

This interdisciplinary project was headed by Dr. Gunilla Öberg. It was a collaborative effort between industry, university and municipal partners aiming to develop a decision support tool to aid in the design and selection of sustainable (waste)water management alternatives. I lead the continued development of a software tool which involves methods for preference elicitation, information visualization, decision analysis and artificial intelligence (including the development of an ontology) to support municipal and community decision-makers to make more robust, long-term decisions about waste-water management.

Below: Demonstration of ValueCharts, used to help decision-makers explore alternatives and trade-offs between designs (columns). Video shows how changing criteria/objective weights (rows) can effect comparisons and assessment of a design. The changing of weights can be reflective of differences in priorities/preferences for individuals or organizations. Not shown are features which allow the user to navigate to detailed report information by clicking on the criteria, designs or any individual assessment of the criteria for any given design (bar charts). Note: most recent version includes improved graphical interface and multi-user statistical assessment to identify major differences in priorities between individual users.


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Dr. Gunilla Öberg
Dr. Giuseppe Carenini
Dr. David Poole
Hamed Taheri
Sanjana Bajracharya


The Real Estate Foundation of BC
Dr. Max Maurer, EAWAG

Special Thank you to Dr. Maurer and Dr. Jana van Horn from the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology for supporting my extended stay at EAWAG in 2011.