• Stand Level Year I
  • Stand Level Year 5
  • Stand Level Year 20
  • Stand Level Year 60
  • In Stand Year 2
  • In Stand Year 3
  • Stand Level Harvest Year 4
  • Stand Level Harvest Year 20
  • Method for preparing images of trees for use in visualization

Visualizing Natural Disturbances and Management Responses

The Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic in British Columbia caused unprecedented damage to the province’s pine species. We developed a geovisualization model based on forest inventory data and site conditions to deliver 3D photorealistic depictions of possible management responses. The visualizations are intended to support decision-making and give planners and the public an opportunity to see how the future forest would likely recover given a particular response.


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Meitner, M., Gandy, R. Welham, C., Gonzalez, J. and Chamberlain, B. (2006). Visualizing natural disturbances: implications for assessing public perceptions of salvage and recovery operations. In Proceedings of the Twelfth International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Vancouver, BC, June 2006.

Chamberlain, B.; Meitner, M. and Gandy, R. Visualizing International Deforestation Trajectories Using ArcGIS. ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, July, 2005. ESRI Press. Redlands.


Dr. Mike Meitner
Dr. Ryan Gandy
Julian Gonzales

Natural Resources Canada