• Streetscape Design View
    Design phase of streetscape © Yue Liu 2015
  • Streetscape 4
    Steetscape with trees, bioswales and designated bike lane. © Yue Liu 2015
  • Streetscape 3
    Pedestrian only steetscape with bioswales. © Yue Liu 2015
  • Streetscape 2
    Steetscape with trees, and designated bike lane. © Yue Liu 2015
  • Streetscape 1
    Steetscape without trees, and designated bike lane. © Yue Liu 2015

Using Photorealism and Geovisualization in Streetscape Design

Commercial districts are often the epicenter for economic and social activity within cities. This project was undertaken primarily as an MLA Thesis to investigate potential streetscape designs for Aggieville in Manahttan, KS. The purpose of this study was to better understand how different elements of streetscape design influence a person’s preferences for the space. In particular, we focused on studying how attractiveness and perceived safety are affected by different parking strategies, as well as the presence of vegetation, designated bike lanes and seating. The psychophysical study was conducted using 40 hypothetical images of what Aggieville could look like.

The images were produced using GIS, CAD, Sketchup, Lumion, Photoshop and other technologies. This enabled us to control for the existing spatial variables as well as the dependent variables. Respondents include both public and business association members. Results are presented in the following publications, but more are coming soon.


Chamberlain, B., Liu, Y., and Canfield J. (in review). Using Landscape Visualization to Inform Streetscape Design. Proceedings of Digital Landscape Architecture Conference (2016). Istanbul, Turkey. June 2016.

Liu, Y. (2015). Investigating influence of streetscape elements on individual preference. MLA Masters Report. Kansas State University.


Jessica Canfield
Yue (Rebecca) Liu