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The View from North American Highways

I conducted a large-scale analysis using the Human-centered viewshed for all highways and freeways across North America. This analysis was created to explore the possibilities of identifying scenic highway drives automatically, to compare different highway segments across regions, and to help planners prioritize the rehabilitation of scenic areas. The analysis was conducted using a computer farm, taking the equivalent of one year of computer processing time to produce a seamless viewshed analysis at a resolution of 90 meters for all of Canada, Mexico and the United States. To produce the result I developed a method for separating the analysis into smaller subsets due to limited computational capabilities. The final analysis size was over 30GB.


Paper In process. Data will be made freely available for download.

Data products available through Eastern Interconnection States’ Planning Council (EISPC) EZ Mapping Tool. A map‑based tool for identifying areas within the eastern United States that may be suitable for clean power generation.

Chamberlain, B. Computational Models for the Management of Landscape Character. Invited presentation at Argonne National Laboratory, Downers Grove, IL.

Chamberlain, B., Meitner, M. (2012). Comparing Scenic Quality of North American Highway Drives. ESRI International User’s Conference. San Diego, CA, July 2012.


Dr. Mike Meitner