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Quantifying Effects of Harvest Design Patterns on Human Preference

My PhD research, undertaken with Dr. Michael Meitner, involved designing a model which would improve methods of forest harvesting and planning. Our goal was to quantify preferences for different aspects of design elements, with the shape of the design itself being a prime element. In order to more precisely understand the characteristics of shape, we created a variety of different shapes using ArcGIS, Visual Nature Studio, and Photoshop, and then ran eight studies with hundreds of participants. There are potential economic benefits for forestry companies, an opportunity for companies to demonstrate increased stewardship, and potential social benefits by an improvement in the visual quality of forested areas where these principles are used.


Chamberlain, B. and Meitner, M. (2012) Quantifying the Effects of Harvest Block Design on Individual Preferences. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Liu, A. (2012). Relating shape to human aesthetic evaluations. Branchlines 23:3.


Dr. Mike Meitner
Oliver Lane
Angela Liu