• Visual Quality Analysis (Perspective view) from Traditional Fish Weir
  • Visual Quality Analysis (Perspective view) of Kennedy Lake
  • Carbon Sequestration as seen from Perspective view over Traditional Fish Weir
  • Carbon Sequestration (Perspective view) of Kennedy Lake
  • Figure3 – All Pannels
  • Figure3 – All Pannels

Operationalizing Resilience over the Long-term

What can be Learned from Ecosystem Baselines?

Along with Dr. Sarah Gergel, Director of the Centre for Applied Conservation Research, and others, we examine the trade-offs between ecosystem services in Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island. I use 3D geovisualization and my own spatially-explicit GIS model to quantify cultural services in order to assess trade-offs with other ecosystem services. This entails using historical aerial photos to reconstruct 3D representations of the forested landscape and model potential impacts of climate change.


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Dr. Sarah Gergel
Stephanie Tomscha
Alex Berthin


Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions