• 30% Clumped Harvest
  • 30% Hybrid Harvest
  • 30% Hybrid Harvest
  • 10% Clumped Harvest
  • 10% Dispersed Harvest
  • 10% Hybrid Harvest
  • 20% Dispersed Harvest
  • Landscape Immersion Lab

MultiDimensional Image Array Viewer

To facilitate decision making and public education, I developed an information visualization image viewer capable of displaying images through thematic groupings, rather than simple alphabetical order. The viewer uses GPU processing for rendering. Geovisualizations are paired with information visualization to provide both context and visual reference.

The image viewer was tested using 540 3D images developed as part of a future modeling of forestry activities. The images were categorized into different viewing angles and perspectives, years, harvest methods, and harvest amounts. The software is available for free; please contact me for more information.


Software Available for Download (please contact directly)


Dr. Mike Meitner