• A View from the Amazon
  • Simple Model of PPA Topographical Rules
  • Screenshot of Google Earth with Model of Permanent Preservation Areas
  • Crepori Watershed
  • Floodplain Modelling in Amazon

Mapping Permanent Preservation Areas in Brazil

Brazil has some of the most unique and important ecosystems in the world. I have helped develop computer methods that can automate the delineation of critical protection zones in Brazil, called Permanent Preservation Areas. These areas provide protection for biological diversity by prohibiting all economic uses of resources within their limits. However, finding these places is no trivial matter as there are a number of complex spatial parameters that need to be calculated over a vast land-base. We have developed a methodology that provides a foundation for conducting automated delineation of these boundaries by incorporating a variety of GIS tools and remote sensing data.

To see example results in Google Earth (kmz):

Permanent Preservation Parts
Sample of Economic Activity in Permanent Preservation Area
Study Site Permanent Preservation Areas


2 Articles in Prep.

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Dr. Carlos Ribeiro
Dr. Mike Meitner
Dr. Vicente Soares


United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)


Dr. Carlos Ribeiro hosted my visit in 2008, 2010.
Dr. Britaldo Soares Filho also hosted my visit in 2010.