• Viewshed Comparisons
  • Visibile Areas in Study Area (Kennedy Lake)
  • Visual Magnitude Calculation

Human-Centered Viewshed for Landscape Management

This research required combining geospatial science, geovisualization and an human-environmental interactions to establish metrics representing aesthetic quality in natural environments. The outcome is a new viewshed method that is currently being used in real-world case studies of forest operations planning. The goal of this work is to continue developing the methods, and make them available for use in GIS software (including ArcGIS) for commercial and research purposes. There are numerous applications of the Viewshed which span beyond forestry, including urban design, wind turbine visual impact assessment, and defence (troop movement); for now the focus is primarily on human-environment interactions.


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Dr. Mike Meitner


Kansas State University
West Fraser Timber Mills