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Gap Analysis Tool for Outdoor Recreation

In partnership with Lees + Associates and Metro Vancouver, we developed a GIS-based gap analysis tool to assess the availability of outdoor recreational opportunities within Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, covering nearly 4 million residents. I led the database development to organize spatial data for all municipalities and regions. The database houses thousands of features ranging from outdoor activities, access points and facilities. I also led the development of the GIS cartographic tool which can produce several kinds of analyses in real-time. These analyses are used to inform park managers, policy makers and regional government about current recreational provision and changes due to long-term growth. The tool is built on ArcGIS modelbuilder and custom code, and produces analyses and reports in real-time. Users are allowed to explore the implications of various factors, some of which include: changing facility supply over time, availability by demographics group, and distance required to access facilities.


Chamberlain, B., Smith, N., Vulliamy, M., Lees, E. Developing the Gap Analysis Tool for Outdoor Recreation: A Case Study in Vancouver, Canada. Digital Landscape Architecture 2015, Zurich, Switzerland, May 2014

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