• Flint Hills Bridge
    Montage of Game Environment with way point to learn about hydrology © Natalie Webb 2015
  • Flint Hills Prescribed Burn
    Montage of Game Environment with way point to learn about prescribed burning © Natalie Webb 2015
  • Urban Park (Game Engine)
    Unity Game Engine Scene for Spatial Cognition Study © Kraig Weber 2015

4D Visualization, Spatial Cognition, Immersion and Engagement

Immersive digital environments (including virtual and augmented reality) and related technologies have catalyzed a revolution in storytelling, scientific communication and education. Over the past couple years, our experience shows that new changes are making these technologies more accessible to the general public. With students in ALIVE!, we are creating immersive environments to study spatial memory/cognition and represent landscapes and environments for public outreach and education. The projects are in their early stages, so check back for updates!

Below: Unity was used to develop a hypothetical city for use in study of spatial memory. The place was designed using GIS and CAD to ensure spatial variable controls.


Below: Simple wireframe model of Aggieville in Manhattan, KS as created by 5th year studio students in Landscape Planning course at K-State. In less than two weeks students developed enterprise GIS database of city infrastructure, wrote CityEngine procedural rules, conducted spatial inventory of Aggiveille buildings, and created image facades to match buildings.


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Howard Hahn
Natlie Webb
Kraig Weber
Ryan Albracht