• Illustration of Scales of Ecosystem Services and Mechanisms for Impact Evaluation
  • Integration of People, the Environment and the Infastructure and Products we consume/created
  • Decision Making Process with Ecosystem Service Integration

Ecosystem Services and Decision Making

This interdisciplinary project, led by Dr. Kai Chan, involves the development of a sustainability-oriented decision-making process. We use ecosystem services in conjunction with Structured Decision-Making (SDM) and Life Cycle-Analysis (LCA) to propose a new method for organizational decision-making as it relates to social and ecological concerns.


Chan, K.C., Öberg, G., Anderson, E, Chamberlain, B.C., Empey, E., Evans, C., Klain, S., Levine, J., Mach, M., Martone, R., Murray, C.C., Reckermann, J., Tam, J., Sihota, N., Singh, G. Ecosystem Services: An Approach to Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. University of British Columbia, Meeting on New Campus Sustainability Plan.


Dr. Kai Chan
Dr. Gunilla Öberg


UBC Sustainability Office, Living Lab