Visualization of Highway Designs to Test Environmental Perception

With the abundance of highway development projects in China, we partnered with researchers to investigate how highways could be designed to cater to a more scenic and/or pleasurable experience for drivers and passengers. For the project we designed 3D/4D computer animations of hypothetical scenes. This allowed us to spatially control for our dependent design variables. We developed a new method for measuring aesthetics in real-time. The attached video was constructed to show three of the example videos used in our study, and the associated mean and standard distribution of preference ratings through time. To see more details, expand the video and pause it within the first few seconds.


Xiaochun, Q., Meitner, M., and Chamberlain, B. in prep.

Qin, X.; Meitner, M.; Chamberlain, B. and Zhang, X. Developing scenic highway design guidelines using GIS and landscape visualizations. ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, Aug., 2008. ESRI Press Redlands


Dr. Xiaochun Qin
Dr. Mike Meitner
Xiaoning Zhang